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X7 Troubleshooting Steps

If you are having issues with your X7 not completing a start-up or scanning correctly please review the steps below to troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing.

Step 1: Check the SD Card

If the X7 scanner is not functioning correctly a lot of times it can be an issue with the formatting of the SD card.

The preferred card to use with the X7 is the same type of card that comes with the scanner originally and that’s the SDHC, 23GB, Class 10, UHS-I, U3 SD card.

The scanner will also work with a SDXC, 32GB-2TB, Class 10, USH-I, U3 card.

For reference purposes on the label of the SD Card:
Speed Class is represented by a number inside of a C
UHS Speed Class is represented by a Number in a U
The UHS Bus Class is represented by roman numeral

The SDUC, 2TB-128TB has not been tested with the X7 and is not approved for use with the unit.

The SDXC card requires a 3rd party application to format it to FAT32 to run correctly with the X7. For information on formatting the SD card for use with an X7 please see this article that walks through a couple of 3rd party applications that you can use and the process of formatting the card to FAT32.
SD Card Formatting Article

If you are using the above referenced correct SD card types and you are still having issues you can try re-formatting the SD card as FAT32 even if it’s already formatted correctly. Make sure before you re-format the card you save any data on the card as the re-formatting process will erase everything on the card. See the article mentioned above for re-formatting instructions.

Step 2: Check the X7 Firmware

One quick check to do if you are having issues with your X7 is to make sure the firmware on the unit matches the version of FieldLink you are running on the tablet. Below is a list of the FieldLink versions and their corresponding X7 firmware versions.

FieldLink VersionX7 Firmware Version
v6.1 & v6.2R2.3.22 or R.3.100
v6.3 – v6.5R2.4.102

If the steps above do not resolve your X7 issues be sure to contact our support team through our Support Case form.